Paragraph on Importance of Learning English

In this paragraph writing you will be able to learn the paragraph on 'the importance of learning English' in short. The question may be as mentioned as below:
Write a paragraph on ‘The Importance of Learning English’ or ‘The Necessity of Learning English’- on the basis of the following questions. Your answer should not be exceeded more than 200 words.
Importance of Learning English - Paragraph
Importance of Learning English - Paragraph
a) What is language? b) What is an international language? c) Why is English called international language? d) Why is it so important to us? e) What are the necessities or advantages or benefits of learning English? f) How does grammar help us learn language? g) Do you think grammar is essential to learn it? h) Which method should you take to learn English?
Importance of Learning English / Necessity of Learning English

The way we express our thoughts, feelings, ideas to communicate others in a particular society or community or a country is called language.  The language that is commonly used by the world’s people to communicate each other is called international language. Every nation has its own language. But to maintain a better communication among the world’s people it is essential to have a common language. For many reasons English has achieved the prestige of being international language. More than 650 million people all over the world use English as their first and second language. Many international meetings and conferences like diplomatic conference; business, political and peace meetings are held in English. Many scientific, medical, education and other research works are published in English. All books for higher education are written in English. Even to study in a foreign country knowing English is a must. Besides, national and multinational companies offer a variety of jobs in English. So, to get an excellent job with a handsome salary we must have the decent knowledge of English.  Moreover, today’s world is Internet-based world and it has opened a new window of outsourcing or freelancing work for the word people. Numerous jobs opportunities are offered online in English. We can earn huge foreign money working online from home. So, we must be skilled in English to deal with the buyers or employers. Finally, without a sound knowledge of English grammatical rules and communicating method like the four skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening, it is not possible to use English correctly.

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