A Winter Morning Paragraph HSC SSC Nine Eight

Write a paragraph on winter morning by answering the following questions:

What is winter morning? How does our environment look in a winter morning? What do children and people do in the morning? How do people perform their morning activities? What do village people do in the morning? What do city people do in a winter morning?


Winter Morning Paragraph
winter morning paragraph

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Winter Morning Paragraph 

A winter morning is misty and cold. There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Winter is one of them. It is the season of mist and cold. In this season dense fog is found everywhere. Sometimes, the sun cannot be seen for the deep fog. Things at distance place can hardly be seen. Pinching cold makes the surroundings dull and stable. Birds have to stay under the leaf unmoved and wait for the sun. They cannot sing for the heavy cold. The cow and other animals do not want to come out. At night dew drops fall on leaves and blades of grass. They look like glittering pearls when the rays of the morning sun falls on it.

In every village children, adult and older people have to suffer much. As most of people in our country are poor, they cannot buy warm cloths. So, to escape pinching cold they gather straw and dry leave and make fire to warm themselves.

In winter morning old people and children usually get up late so that they can enjoy the heat of the morning sun. They love to busk themselves sitting on the yard.

In winter morning people seem very lazy and unwilling to start any work. Everyone wants to stay under sun ray.

The scene of the winter morning vanished as the day advances. The sun goes up and the fog melts. After getting warmed, everyone becomes busy in taking breakfast, dressing and getting ready for going to respective places.


In a winter morning most of the people in our country love to enjoy delicious and sweet cakes, date juice, pias of date juice and many other things. After all, a winter morning is charming and enjoyable in many respects.


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