The Ant and the Dove Completing Story

Hey Guys, Today I am here with a new completing story named ‘The Ant and the Dove’. The story is the most popular fables by Aesop’s. You know the ant is very industrious in nature and the dove is popular for its lovely appurtenance and sweet melody. It’s also calm in nature. Well, let’s jump into the deep of the story not wasting any more time.

The question may be like: - Complete the incomplete story using your own creativity and give a title of it.

The title of the completing story is below:

The Ant and the Dove

Once there lived an ant and a dove in a forest. They were passing their days very cheerfully. But they did not know each other. One day the ant became very thirsty and started looking for water to drink. Beside the forest, there was a small river. The ant went to the bank of the river and try to drink water. All on a sudden, a strong flow swift it away. It falls into real trouble and was about to die.

At that time a dove was singing sitting on the branch of a tree. It noticed the helpless condition of the ant. It felt pity for the ant and left a leaf on the water.

The ant climbed onto the leaf. The dove flew down and took the leaf over water and drop it on the ground. At last, the ant became safe. After that, the ant and the dove became a good friend.

A few days later, a hunter came to the forest and found the dove on the same tree. He aimed his bow to the dove. At that time the ant noticed everything. It spotted there as soon as possible and bit severely on the foot of the hunter. 

Being bitten by the ant the hunter could not shoot the arrow right target. As a result, the dove could fly away. Thus the ant repaid its owe to the dove.

The story is in more short and easy:

One day an ant was searching the water for being thirst. It found a river following into a forest. It went to the water label and tried to drink. Suddenly, a long wave floated it away from the bank. As a result, it’s life fall in great danger. It tried, again and again, to reach to the bank but failed. A dove was taking rest sitting on a branch of a tree beside the bank. It found the critical situation of the ant. So, it dropped a leaf on the water. The ant got on it and reached the bank of the river. It felt gratitude to the dove for saving its life.

One day at noon, a hunter came into the forest and aimed his arrow to the dove. This time the ant was there and it realized the danger of the dove. It went promptly to the hunter and bit him in his leg. The hunter missed his aim and the dove flew away.

In this way, the ant saved the life of dove and became a true friend.

Moral of the story: From this story, we learn that we should be kind to all of the creatures and come forward to the helpless at the time of distress or trouble.

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