Unity is strength completing story

Unity is Strength Completing Story. The story is also titled as the old man and his three sons. You can use any one of the titles mentioned below. Let's jump into the story of unity is strength.

Unity is Strength / The old man his three sons / Value of Unity / Benefit of Unity / Unity Brings Success. 

The old man and his three sons
Unity is Strength

Long ago there lived an old man. He was a farmer. He was a father of three sons. The sons often quarreled with one another all time. The farmer advised them not to quarrel and keep united to lead a peaceful life. He also told them that breaking unity would lose their strength and abilities. But the sons did no pay any heed to their father rather they kept busy with quarreling. 

The days were passing and the farmer was growing older. So, he became extremely worried about the future of his sons. He became very disheartened with the same happening every day. He hit upon a plan. 

One day, the old man called for all of his sons to teach the value of unity. He ordered them to bring some sticks and a piece of rope. They brought the sticks and rope. The farmer tied the sticks with the rope altogether. He asked his eldest son to break the bundle. 

The son tried hard but he couldn’t break the bundle. Then it came to the turn of 2nd son. He tried heart and soul but couldn’t. The next tern was for his youngest son. The result was the same as the others.

After that, the old man untied the bundle and handed over a single stick to each son. This time they all could break the stick very easily. The old farmer said his sons, “Look, my dear sons, this is the result of unity. This is the strength of unity. If you can be united, nobody will be able to harm you.”

The three sons could understand their fault /mistake. They promised to be united and live in peace and harmony.

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