The liar shepherd boy and the tiger wolf story or the cowboy and the wolf

The liar shepherd boy and the tiger wolf story or the cowboy and the wolf with moral:

The completing story, the liar shepherd and the tiger or the cowboy and the wolf or nobody believes a liar, is a popular story all over the world especially to the students, and perhaps, you all know about it well. Yeah, dear students, I am here today with this lovely traditional completing story. This story teaches us not to tell a lie as nobody believes a liar and how a liar is punished and even if he speaks the truth later, nobody believes him and this is the moral of the shepherd boy story. The story of the liar shepherd and the tiger or the cowboy and the wolf originated by the famous folks and tales legend Aesop, a slave, and storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 564 BCE.
The Liar Shepherd and Tiger wolf story

I have written two of the same stories here. Please read carefully and hope this will be easy for you. You can choose any one of the two. You can use any one of the titles mentioned below in the red mark.

Title of the Completing Story:

The Liar Shepherd / Nobody Believes a Liar story /

 the shepherd boy and the tiger / the Cowboy and 

 the Tiger or Wolf / Falsehood brings Serious



Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd boy/cowboy in a village. He used to grass cows in a field downside a mountain. He was very naughty and liar in his nature. He often made fun with the people around him and enjoyed it very much. The people of the village were very simple and kind. They did not mind in such behavior of the young shepherd.

One day, while tending cows in the field, he thought to make some jokes with the villagers who were working nearby fields. As he thought, he started shouting, “Tiger, tiger, tiger (wolf, wolf, wolf), help, help me, help me.” Hearing the screaming voice of the cowboy, the villagers became worried about him and came running to help the shepherd boy. After reaching in the pasture, they found no tiger or wolf rather they saw that the cowboy was laughing at them. The villagers understood that was a trick and fun of the silly boy to make them befool.

After some days, the naughty boy made the same fun again. The villagers came again to help him but found nothing. This time they got messed and angry with the cowboy for his falsehood. 

Just after a few days, a tiger came really. The shepherd became frightened and cried out in fear. The villagers heard his shouting but did not pay any heed. They thought it’s another repeated falsehood of the shepherd. The shepherd saved himself climbing up on the mountain. After then he did not tell any lie ever.


The story in short: Write any one of the two titles below black marked:

The Liar Cowboy and the Wolf / The Liar Shepherd boy and the Tiger

Once there lived a cowboy in a village. He used to tend cows in a mountain field. He was very wicked and love to make fun of telling lies with people. So the villagers would not like him. One day, he was grassing his cows. Suddenly, he thought to make some fun with the villagers. So, he started shouting “Wolf, wolf, wolf, (Tiger, tiger, tiger) help, help, and help.” The villagers were working nearby a field. They came to the spot as fast as possible and found no wolf or tiger. They only saw the cowboy laughing at them. They became annoyed and warned him not to make fun in such a way.

After a few days, the shepherd boy made the same trick again. The villagers rushed to the pasture to help him. But again, they found nothing. They became very angry and leave the place. The boy got much amused.

But one day a real tiger or wolf came and attacked the cows. The cowboy got frightened. He screamed loudly to get help. But this time no villager came to rescue him. The boy managed his life somehow getting up a tree. Thus he faced a fearful experience for telling lies.

Moral of the story: Don’t tell lie for making fun. Nobody believes you. / We should not make any joke by telling lies. Always speak the truth. Fun with falsehood can bring serious disasters.

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