Load Shedding Problem Report Writing and Exciting Cricket Match

Report on load shedding and an exciting cricket match: Report Writing:

In this report writing you will be able to learn two reports: load shedding problem and exciting cricket match.
Question: Frequent disturbance of electricity / load shedding problem / has become a common picture of your city which creates a lot of problems. Now, make a report on it and suppose, you are a reporter of ‘Daily Bangladesh’. Recently you have enjoyed an exciting cricket match between Bangladesh and West Indies. Now, write a report on the exciting cricket match.
Load Shedding Problem Report Writing
Load Shedding Problem Report Writing

Load Shedding Problem in Jhenaidah City / City life stopped for load shedding / The failure of electricity frustrated the city life of Jhenaidah.

David, / Staff reporter, Jhenidah, November 15, 2018:
Nowadays, load shedding has become a common phenomenon in our country. Also, the people of Jhenidah are not free from this curse. It affects the whole district hours after hours. As a result, the productions of mills and factories have been reduced notably. It is frustrating the economic growth of the district seriously. Hospital, Residential places, shops etc. are also facing the load shedding problem daily. It is a curse for children and patients. Besides, both the S.S.C and the H.S.C examinations are close at hand. But students cannot study well owing to the discontinuation of electricity. As a result, their future life may be affected negatively. Moreover, the people of the locality are often getting the victims of stealing, robbery, snatching, kidnapping etc. and the crime has also been increased remarkably. After all, the sufferings of the people know no bound. In this circumstance, the common people of the city draw the kind attention of the govt. to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Question : 
Write a report on an exciting cricket match. Or suppose, you are a reporter of ‘Daily Bangladesh’. yesterday you enjoyed an exciting cricket match between Bangladesh and West Indies. Now, write a report on the exciting cricket match.
An exciting cricket match / Bangladesh beat West Indies by 3 wickets

Staff reporter, Daily Bangladesh, Dhaka, December 13, 2018:
Yesterday, the One Day International cricket match was held between Bangladesh and West Indies at Mirpur stadium. India won the toss and decided to bat first. Bangladeshi Bowlers bowled well. West Indies scored 244 runs for 7 wickets. Bangladesh came to bat in the second half. The opening batsmen Tamim Iqbal and Nafiz Iqbal began to bat very well up to 10th over and. At 11th over Nafiz got run out and after falling 5 wickets within the next 5th over Bangladesh fall under pressure. However, the next two batsmen, Sakib Al Hassan, and Monjurul Islam were able to turn the situation into favour and make the match exciting. After 45 overs, Bangladesh scored 230 runs for 7 wickets. At that time, Monjurul was caught behind. Then Mashrafi Bin Mortuza came to the crease. Bangladesh required 15 runs to win. Mashrafi hit 2 sixes from the last two balls of 46 overs.  Shakib Al Hassan ensured his sixth century by hitting a boundary and grabbed the victory. Absolutely it was an exciting cricket match. All the audiences enjoyed the match very much with extreme clapped. In fact, the day was turned into a festive look.

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